Video conferencing

Meeting with anyone in the world, within your own meeting room, is now effortless, and using advanced video phone’s features make your meetings more productive than ever. Using the latest technology you have never looked better on screen.  It includes a number of elaborate components that work together to enhance the way you appear on screen, and to increase performance and reliability of your video conference experience.   With these new technologies, you can communicate HD quality video and amazing picture in any room, even in low bandwidth environments.


  • Multi Screen Configuration
  • Interoperability with other Video Conference System
  • Desktop Sharing & Collaboration
  • Easy Plug-and-Play Setup
  • Archiving & Recording Important Conversation for Future Use


  • Reduced Travelling Costs
  • Increased Business Across the Globe
  • Natural and Effective Communication with Clients and Peers
  • Extended Productivity through Collaboration
  • Better Trust and Relationships through Video Conference
  • Faster Decision Making

Solution For

  • Boardroom
  • Office
  • Classroom


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